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How to Incorporate Water Features and Make a Splash

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images“Have you seen that gorgeous new office downtown that has the incredible fountain in the reception area?”

Artistic water pieces make your contemporary office stand out. They give clients and guests something more interesting than magazines to look at while they wait, and fountains are just plain cool. Here are a few tips for incorporating water features in your modern office design.


The most important step in selecting a fountain or other water feature for your office is to measure the room where it will reside. You want the piece of water art to serve as an aesthetically pleasing focal point, not fill up your entire office space.

Choose the Right Location

Fountains and other types of water-related décor should be admired and enjoyed, not in the way. If employees and clients have to purposely avoid running into a water feature when walking through your office, the fountain is in the wrong place.

The most common areas for fountains and water art are reception lobbies, center points of large office spaces, and against out-of-the-way-yet-visible walls.

Keep Water Clean

Once you select a properly sized piece of aquatic décor, and place it in the right location, you must tend to the water. Experts recommend using only distilled or bottled water in fountains. The rust, bacteria, and minerals in tap water clog filters and lead to dirty (and even smelly) water. This outcome defeats the whole point of incorporating office water features—which is to make your workspace more beautiful.


Make a splash this fall with a new modern office design, complete with artistic, luxurious waterworks.

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