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Around the Modern Office: One Office Item Everyone Underestimates

Filing and storage systems usually don’t receive much consideration, if any at all. Most modern offices simply procure filing cabinets for the function of storing files—nothing more, nothing less.

But modern filing systems have more to offer your office than simply function. Take a look at these 3 ways modern filing systems transform your workspace while still offering you a place to secure your most valuable documents.

Modern filing systems are more than cabinets and drawers. Usually when people think of filing systems, they envision bulky, metal blocks that require both lateral and vertical space. But modern filing systems are another way for your company to show its innovative side and think outside the box.

Relativity Media, for example, didn’t want to lose valuable workspace, so StrongProject took 3-high lateral files and placed a common top on them, creating “filing islands.” Not only does Relativity Media now have a streamlined way to store their files, but the islands also double as a collaborative or informal meeting tables where employees have enough room to look at plans or spread out materials.

Modern filing systems offer vertical real estate. You don’t need an entire back room for your filing cabinets. Modern filing systems allow you to use your “vertical real estate” to create additional filing and storage walls.

With the modern paint finishes we offer, your filing and storage systems will not only save space around your office—they’ll also complement your décor or seamlessly blend into your walls.

Modern filing systems enhance collaborative spaces. Regardless of your modern office’s size or style, you can incorporate highly functional storage systems in unexpected place.

In open-office workstations and modular office furniture, StrongProject incorporates filing and storage systems in various nooks throughout an office space. These storage solutions are not only unobtrusive, but they also streamline the workday for employees—no searching for documents or piles of files to wrangle.

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