Client Case Study: Keeping Your Office Design In Line With Your Growth

Commercial corporate interior design can have a profound effect on your employees’ and stakeholders’ perceptions. If you’re growing at a healthy rate, you want to make sure your office design stays in line with that growth.

Take eMedia, for example.

“We’re a small business. This was our second company move, and we were really ready to take it to the next level.”

eMedia, located in Bakersfield, California, is a professional marketing solutions firm that combines over fifty years of experience in advertising. The group specializes in media buying, television, radio and outdoor advertising for their local and regional clients. When eMedia decided to move into a new 1,550 sq ft office in Bakersfield, eMedia’s CEO Erin Henderson knew the firm needed to match its office design to its level of success.

Erin was drawn to StrongProject’s website, and began using the Budget Your Office Tool to explore furniture installation options and classes. She loved the quality in each class: Value, Pro, and Luxury.

“Because this was our first big company move, I didn’t really have a budget in mind, so [the Budget Your Office Tool] was really helpful,” Erin said.

After getting a clear picture and estimate using the Budget Your Office Tool, eMedia contracted StrongtProject to bring their new modern office design to from blueprint and budget to reality. The StrongProject team maximized the square footage for the entire workspace, which consisted of five private offices, a central conference room with seating for eight, and a new organized copy/file room.


The brand’s aesthetic was clean, modern and styled in bold colors of green and orange, so StrongProject optimized the details and finishes of their contemporary office furniture to complement their company colors. From a few key bold pieces in reception to clean lines for private office desks with sleek wood finishes, both companies communicated regularly to make sure the vision was fulfilled.

“Whatever our culture is, we want to have that same look and feel.”

At the end of the project, eMedia had a completely new office that was bright, welcoming, confident and optimized for organization and workflow.

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