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6 Reasons Your Office Design Matters

You spend one-third of your life at work, which is enough of a reason to have your work environment be as comfortable, intuitive, and well-designed as possible. But there are more reasons for this than just the sheer number of hours you give to your job each and every day.

Here are 6 reasons your office design matters to your employees, your company, and you.

1. It changes employee work flow.

Research from Cornell suggests that most knowledge workers prefer closed offices for concentration but prefer open offices for communication and trust building. Why not have the best of both worlds?

You can create the feeling and overall look of an open office while having certain designated areas where employees can focus and detach from the bustling work environment. Having both spaces allows your workers to choose whichever work environment is best for them or is best for the task they currently need to complete.

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Create a warm, inviting reception area with a lot of open space, break up your workspaces with different contemporary seating options and occasional tables, and use acoustic furniture to block out the noise in your more closed-off office sections.

2. Employees need collaboration.

Your office environment needs to facilitate collaboration among employees. More collaboration leads to more creativity, which leads to higher overall productivity.

You can’t just want your employees to come together and bounce ideas off one another—you need to use your office design to lead them in the right direction. Use a high-backed lounge with a media console to facilitate small and informal, but productive, meetings, or install break-out chairs and tables in deliberate parts of the office to give employees a place to gather away from their desks.

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Collaboration furniture can take your traditional workspace, boardroom, or face-to-face meeting to a new, innovative level.

3. Your office showcases your company values.

Does your company strive to be environmentally conscious? You can build a LEED-certified office to show how committed you are to being green. Does your business support the local community? Buy and showcase local art on your office walls. Do you strongly support working mothers and fathers? Implement kid-friendly areas throughout your workspace.

How you design your office reflects what your business stands for—and stands up for.

4. Looking the part sets you apart.

There are too many companies that don’t put any effort into their office design. They use the same corporate office furniture in the same corporate office colors to portray the same stale corporate office environment. Breaking away from this mold can not only set your office apart from the rest, but your company, as well.

The bottom line is that you want your office to be loved by your employees. You want them to come back day after day and never get tired of their surroundings.

Make a name for yourself as the most unique place to work in town. Get people talking in your area about the thing your office has that no other office in town has to offer. Show off the sleek, modern design of your office so employees are not only excited to work there, but are just as excited to tell their friends that they work there.

5. It creates workplace well-being.

You can actually design your office in a way that promotes well-being and nudges your employees toward making healthier choices for themselves

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By giving employees adjustable furniture—including standing desks—and allowing them to choose where they want to set up their workspace on any given day, you’re promoting movement. By installing amenities outside of your office, such as benches and tables, employees might take more frequent walks or breaths of fresh air throughout the day.

You should be making an investment in your employees’ well-being and health if you want your company to succeed, and these simple additions to your office design can do just that.

6. You want your employees to want to come to work.

A stuffy, dimly lit, uncolorful workspace does not equal happy workers. You want to keep employee turnover to a minimum, and office design is a huge factor in fulfilling that task.

The bottom line is that you want your office to be loved by your employees. You want them to come back day after day and never get tired of their surroundings. The only way to do that is to put a huge focus on the design of your workspace, keep your employees top of mind when doing so, and always showcase what your company does best.

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