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The Psychology of Color

psychology of color

Color enriches our lives in both subtle and powerful ways. We get an instant feel of a room as soon as we enter it, and that feeling can be everything from cozy to clinical, or from peppy to calm. The office is no different, and smart employers understand the color scheme of the work environment can have a profound impact on the mood and productivity of their workers as well as the comfort of clients.


By far cited as the “most favorite,” blue is one of the most productive colors you can choose for your color scheme. With a wide variety of shades, it can be vibrant or soothing, and can have a calming influence on a hectic environment. However, some shades of blue can come across as sad or cold, so balancing them out with warm tones or complimenting those blues with contrasting shades of brown or green keeps them on a spectrum that’s appealing to everyone.


psychology of color

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