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Modern Office Designs to Attract and Retain Talent

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If we took a look back at a typical business office before the pandemic most would have looked about the same. All law offices, newspaper offices, and big tech companies would have had a similar flow and layout—individual workspaces with a break or conference room.

As our country has started to heal from the pandemic, we have begun the return to work. But many employees are choosing to stay at home, even if that means leaving their current jobs to seek a new one with more attractive work options. They have found the comforts and flexibility of their home workspaces more appealing and accommodating. A modern office design can be a game-changer as employees decide whether to return to the office or to continue working for your company at all.

Bringing flexibility and innovation to your office can increase the appeal of your organization for incoming and current employees.

The layout and design of your office are some of the first things someone sees when they walk in. Their opinions are formed about who you are as a company and whether or not they belong here from this first impression. This includes clients, your current team, and potential job candidates. Is your office designed to attract and retain talent? Here are some tips for modern office designs that will energize your atmosphere, motivate your current employees and help you attract new ones.

Modern Office Designs and the Millennial Workforce

Attracting top talent to your company used to mean larger salaries, better benefits, and more flexibility. Now more than ever, there needs to be even more to set your organization apart. Millennials currently make-up about 38% of the workforce and are on pace to make up 75% by 2025. This means, that like it or not, this workforce is changing the hiring and recruiting game. They are looking for workspaces that are beyond the basic gray, three-walled cubicle. In fact, 69% of workers said they would be willing to give up other benefits to work in a well-designed space. Bringing flexibility and innovation to your office can increase the appeal of your organization for incoming and current employees.

modern office designs to attract and retain talent

Returning to Work with Fewer Distractions

One of the top reasons people list for enjoying the work from the home environment was fewer distractions. One way to create fewer distractions in your modern office designs is with acoustic furniture. Incorporating these pieces into community spaces will create quieter, more private areas while maintaining an open feel. A well-designed workspace can not only improve employee productivity but employee engagement as well.

A modern office design can help create a sense of connection to your organization.

A modern office design can help create a sense of connection to your organization. These connections increase engagement and help reduce turnover by 40%, according to Gallup research. The increase in demand for workers makes keeping the team you have a top priority for organizations.

Create Flexibility to Move and Collaborate

Closed doors and long tables are a thing of the past. Most meetings now occur on a much smaller scale, in fact, they involve less than 4 people. Creating attractive spaces for collaboration and team meetings can help attract and retain employees. These alternative spaces allow employees the flexibility to get up from their desks and change their scenery, much like they were able to do when they were working from home.

modern office designs- community work stations

There is no doubt that the workplace is different now than before the pandemic began, however, the need to attract and retain talent to help your organization grow and thrive has stayed the same, and will continue to be a focus for organizations.

Your office design is the first sense of your brand and company culture potential candidates might observe. Do you have an office space that inspires creativity and innovation, and increases engagement for your team? What are your current office designs saying about your organization?

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