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Featured Product: Refurbished Workstations

F157899567Modern offices are constantly evolving and reassessing office space design and furniture needs. One question that frequently comes up during the process of renewal is how to make use of all the old furniture.

If your office is thinking about a redesign, but wants to encourage the use of sustainable building materials and reduce overall waste, then recycled office furniture might just be the answer.

StrongProject’s refurbished workstations aren’t an excuse to sacrifice design or function for sustainability—actually, it’s to the contrary. Our recycled workspaces are meant to seamlessly blend style with recaptured materials, giving a unique, green story to your office in the process.

It’s a story that doesn’t stop once daily operations resume either. It’s a story your employees can share with each other or clients and can be proud of every time they sit down to their workstations.


At StrongProject, we reclaim frames, electrical systems and storage, repainting the metal components and applying new fabric to the panels of our recycled workstations. The new fabric we apply to the panels has a fiber content of 65% Post Industrial Recycled Polyester and 35% Post Consumer Recycled Polyester, and the laminate work surfaces are also made from recycled materials—all of this at a reduced cost to the customer.

If saving money and contributing to a greener future isn’t enough, choosing to use recycled office furniture might also help your business with LEED certification (the premier mark of achievement in green building).

In the market for new office furniture and curious about recycled office furniture options?

Contact StrongProject directly and see how we can help you achieve your vision.

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