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Product Spotlight: Interstuhl Silver

Interstuhl Silver

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You don’t have to close your eyes and imagine the ultimate office chair. It exists.

Introducing the Interstuhl Silver: this highly-exclusive, luxury office chair was designed using only the finest German craftmanship and quality.

Although its origins were founded in the modern-day working environment, the Interstuhl Silver chair represents the future. It is created for those individuals who have exquisite taste and want to convey the best image for their business. No matter its location, this chair leaves only a remarkable impression. One look at the gleaming stainless steel backrest and the open supports, you’ll know you’ve arrived at the height of modern office furniture.

Where Precision and Design Meet.

The Silver is a poetic move forward in the world of office furniture design. Hiding its complex technology in smooth curves and lines, this chair fits into most spaces with ease. It’s the perfect piece for your executive office or boardroom–those places where the future is envisioned and created. The Silver reflects your prestige, work ethic, success and power.

Powerful Shape, Comfortable Fit.

The Silver features synchronous mechanism and weight regulation. You can comfortably lean back and rest your eyes, knowing you are always supported with ergonomics in mind. From executive seating to guest chairs to conference chairs, the entire Silver series features generous padding for ultimate comfort. It’s the ideal seat for board meetings.

Silver on the Silver Screen.

Interstuhl’s Silver chair recently featured in the James Bond film, Quantum of Solace. The chair’s sleek design and regal height is perfect for the character of “M,” whose executive office deserves only the best in form and function:

Silver Chair Quantum of SolaceM in Quantum of Solace

Interstuhl Silver Brochure
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For more information on this Featured Product or to place an order call #888-871-5777. www.StrongProject.com

About Interstuhl:

Interstuhl is one of the largest and premier office chair manufacturers in the world. Interstuhl guarantees high quality, solid, precision German craftsmanship and technology at its best.

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