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Foolproof Tips for Working from Home in Comfort and Style

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Over the last 18 months, many offices adapted to the government mandates by quickly shifting to a work-from-home model. Now, as the return to work seems to be experiencing a bit of a setback, the where and how we complete our work may be shifting once again. If you will be working from home full or part-time, incorporating modern home office furniture concepts into your at-home office can ensure you are working in comfort and style.

The future of work for American’s may be a hybrid model. Hybrid work by definition means working from home 25- 75% of the time. Employees who worked hybrid at the height of the pandemic experienced better mental health, stronger work relationships, and feelings of burnout decreased. In a recent report out of Accenture, 83% of 9,326 workers surveyed say they prefer a hybrid model — in which they can work remotely at least 25% of the time.

Flexibility in Working Environments

This flexible way of working, or what is referred to as the productivity anywhere model, is being incorporated into a majority of organizations that are experiencing high growth. Organizations that are experiencing negative or zero growth are primarily focused on the physical location of work or the actual location of the work environment.

Whether we like it or not, the pandemic has changed how businesses operate, and now more than ever workplace flexibility needs to be a focus. The key to an organization’s success is placing a higher value on employee safety, comfort, and productivity. Successful organizations are adapting to the ongoing changes we are facing in an agile manner.

Successful organizations are adapting to the ongoing changes we are facing in an agile manner.

The office will still be an important piece, especially for millennials and younger employees that will represent up to 75% of the workforce by 2025. This younger demographic is not thriving in the work-from-home environment. They are looking for face-to-face interactions and collaboration to enhance their work and career development. A hybrid model may be the best solution to meet the needs of a diverse workforce.

The statistics on the hybrid work trends show that many companies and employees will be moving to this model as the year goes on. No matter what percentage of time you will be spending at home, here are tips for working from home in comfort and style.

Incorporate Ergonomics in your Modern Home Office Furniture

ergonomic chairs for comfort and style

When it comes to comfort, ergonomic furniture, and office equipment may have the biggest impact. When working from home, much of your time is spent in a chair in front of a computer screen. Offices have been integrating ergonomic seating into their workstation designs for the last several years  The importance of these elements in your modern home office furniture is just as important. Ergonomic chairs are designed to help you sit comfortably for long periods of time while you work. They are designed to be adjustable unlike standard office chairs and allow you to create the fit to match your body or seating preferences.

Another addition to consider for your home office is an ergonomic keyboard. This changes the position of your hands and can reduce pain in the hands, arms, neck, or shoulders. With the increased time spent typing and in front of a screen, this small change can have a large impact.

Proper Lighting Helps Make for a More Productive, Comfortable Work Space

Natural and artificial light in a workspace

When creating or enhancing your work from home space, lighting should be one of the top considerations on your list. The right kind of light can not only help with eye strain and headaches, but actually, increase your energy and productivity, and even improve your mood.

With the increased time spent typing and in front of a screen, small changes can have a large impact.

By far, the best source of light is natural light. If possible set up your home office in a room with windows. If this is not possible, then the quality and quantity of additional lighting sources are even more important. Smart lighting choices can help set the tone for your space, and the color and intensity matter! White and blue light is best for waking up, concentrating, and is best for productivity. Warm lighting is best for relaxing and should be used in the afternoon to help employees wind down from the workday.

Breathe Air into Your Home office (Naturally!)

plants in a modern office

There are many benefits to adding plants to your work office. They improve the air of your working environment. It has been proven that plants are effective at removing pollutants from the air.  They also reduce the dry static air that is common to the office and, they reduce stress. A study by the University of Technology, Sydney, found significant reductions in stress among workers when plants were introduced to their workspace. Results included a 37% fall in reported tension and anxiety; a 58% drop in depression or dejection; a 44% decrease in anger and hostility; and a 38% reduction in fatigue.

According to The Biophilia Hypothesis, human beings crave nature. It’s only since the Industrial Revolution that humans have spent more time indoors than out.  Adding plants to your at-home office can have the same benefits and help create a more personal relaxing space.

Create a Dedicated Space and Reduce Distractions

modern office cubicles

When working in the office, we work hard to create areas where employees can work with fewer distractions. Whether it is acoustic furniture to reduce outside noises, or modern cubicles to create a more personal private space. Creating a space within your home where you can reduce distractions will have an immediate impact on productivity.

As comfortable as working on your coach or from your bedroom might be, it isn’t ideal for productivity. Select a space specifically dedicated to working. This will help you get on track and stay on track throughout the workday. This dedicated space can help create boundaries between work and home. This is not only for you but for family or children that might have trouble allowing you time to focus.

Whether you are working from the office, from home, or somewhere in between, incorporating modern home office furniture into your space will help you work in comfort and style.

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