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Guest Seating: Yes, They Notice What They’re Sitting On

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When you have high-profile guests, clients, new customers or community stakeholders visiting your commercial office, you want to offer comfort and the feeling that everything is taken care of for them. This includes making sure your guest seating reflects your brand experience.

Modern office guest chairs give your visitors a first glance of the sleek and progressive style that defines your company. Therefore, you need to invest in contemporary guest chairs bring dynamic design and comfort to your reception areas, lobbies, and private offices. Leave a lasting impression on everyone who visits your modern office.

Check out these options that are both aesthetically pleasing and physically comfortable.

For comfort, go higher not lower with back support. See more guest seating inspiration at StrongProject.

First and foremost, consider the type of clientele you’ll be hosting before you invest in a large amount of guest chairs. Will they be sitting for long periods of time? Will there be meetings involved? Will guests need the ability to roll their chairs around or move easily?

By thinking through the end purpose of your guest seating, you can make the best decision for comfort, and then proceed to style options. For example, choose a high back chair that supports head and neck comfort for longer project meetings. These are also a great fit for guests who will need to take time going through discussions or paperwork. High back chairs also convey elegance.

For smaller areas, choose minimalist guest seating.

For smaller areas such as hallways, nooks, or underused corners, a pair of guest chairs and an occasional table will be the perfect fit for a moment of relaxation. Go for neutral colors that don’t busy up a bright brand aesthetic, or do the opposite and add a pop of your colors to the seating fabric or arm rests. By choosing a modern minimalist design such as a U leg, the line of sight and roominess of your space will be preserved.

For business meetings, a simple mesh chair is the perfect fit.

For business meetings and guest seating in executive offices, remember that you need your chairs to be “one size fits all” when it comes to comfort and flexibility. A classic lightweight model is a U leg, slightly curved seating for circulation and a breathable mesh back will ensure your guests feel great.

Consider a bold look for your guest seating to make a statement

Consider a bold curved line or seat architecture to reflect your brand’s confident spirit. A pair of rounded back chairs with solid circular platforms bring midcentury to the next century when a clean white fabric is involved. This fresh look will let guests know you’re operating at the top of your game.

Bring cheerful colors back into play.

Finally, don’t be afraid to add a sense of play with your guest seating. This can be as simple as using a bright, cheerful color such as dandelion yellow or cherry red, or offering a modern twist on a classic leg by implementing a clean line to the chair’s architecture such as an open back.

The simple upgrade of guest seating across your office is a cost-effective way to give your company headquarters a seasonal makeover while ensuring your visitors feel welcome, comfortable and happy to work with you.


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