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It’s All About the Details

MDD_Wave_Recept06It was Charles Eames who once said, “The details are not the details. They make the design.”

We agree, Charles. We love great office design, too. It’s what we’ve founded our company, our mission, and our values on. But good design isn’t only about the perfect wall color, chic throw pillows, or the most creative office layout. The best office design combines big ideas with specific details: unique furniture that creates an experience for the people who work in that space every day. Create an inspired experience for your entire company by adding a few extra unique and functional pieces to your office. Small furniture additions—such as tables and custom pieces—will add the right details you need to create your perfect space and work atmosphere.

Here are a few unique contemporary furniture offerings from StrongProject that add stylish contemporary detail to your space and fit seamlessly in every office design to make your workspace unique and one-of-a-kind.

modern-office-furniture_09Occasional Office Tables

Great detail can create a unique experience in any part of your office. Our wide variety of occasional office tables complement and complete any setting and add exquisite details that transform your office into a truly special workspace.

Welcome your guests into your office with stylish and chic lobby tables. Accent your executive office or enhance your personal workspace with an elegant side table. Place end tables in your office lounge or employee break areas so your team can unwind, relax, and connect with each other in style. Our modern office tables create any type of experience that you need in your office. If you want your team to be able to gather their thoughts, create the “next big thing,” or work together to complete projects with ease—add occasional office tables to their workspaces and watch their creativity, productivity, and inspired progress soar.

Multipurpose Tables

Detail and functionality also go hand-in-hand. Remember: Detail is about creating an experience, so why not allow your employees to make the most of their workday in whatever workspace suits their own unique needs and work style? Now, that’s an experience.

Work happens everywhere. Whether your team needs to create their own conference room, training space, break area, or private corner to get more work done by themselves—your office design needs to be functional enough to support every need your team has. The details in your design must set your employees and leaders up for success. Our multipurpose and modular tables can be configured and reconfigured again in a matter of seconds. Mix and match table styles to bring fresh design and detail into your space several times a day. No matter where you place multipurpose tables, they easily add great, functional detail to any space.

luxury-office-furniture_15Custom Office Furniture

For the office that’s looking for individual furniture design to complement their unique personality and values, StrongProject offers an incredible selection of custom office furniture created and personalized exclusively for you. Our custom furniture is tailored to fit your every need and the details you want to make your space truly your own.

Whether you’re looking for a conversation piece for your executive office, or you want to add special furniture that’s sure to “wow” your guests and clients—we’ll collaborate with you to accommodate your every expectation. Consider adding custom workstations with IT capabilities to your open workspaces. We can create curved cubicles and unique team desks that are unlike any other available in the market today. Add a one-of-a-kind reception desk to your waiting area or lobby to give your guests and clients an unforgettable welcome. No matter what unique furniture pieces you want to create, we have a solution for every company.

We’re ready to add the right details to your space to create a unique experience for your employees and guests. Contact us today to start your next office design project!

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