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Modern Call Center Office Design

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The job description and day-to-day function of the modern call center customer service agent have changed. Some of these changes are a result of the pandemic, but most of these changes are due to increased responsibilities that require increased problem-solving and more interactions with supervisors and other team members. But more importantly, the space agents work in needs to change and adapt to support these new and expanded roles. To create the optimal call center floor plan layout to support business performance goals, we have found modern and curved call center designs to implement today.

Curved Call Center Designs to Put Employee Saftey First

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To promote employee safety returning to work post-COVID, configurations must change. Gone are the days of rows upon rows of agents practically touching elbows. Privacy screens reduce sound so employees can be more efficient and focused on maximizing customer service. But more importantly, employees are safe and protected promoting a healthy work environment.

Introducing modern call center cubicles into your office can help welcome your employees back in safety.

These curved modern call center workstations include surfaces that are easily cleanable and sanitized. The screens, desks, and chairs are made of non-porous materials that support a hybrid work model. If some employees are working from home part-time, hot-desking or multiple employees sharing a workspace throughout the week is still a possibility.

Modern Call Center Layouts to Build TeamWork

modern call center with modular workstations and adjustable height modern cubicles with a biophilc design

Turnover is a real issue facing most businesses today. Employees are leaving in what is being referred to as the Great Resignation. Additionally, after the pandemic shutdown, many more employees chose not to return to work at all. Creating a sense of community is essential to retaining your team members. Create a modern call center floor plan layout where the supervisors are directly connected to their agent team. No hovering or micro-managing is necessary. The call center supervisor is right in the middle of any issues and can provide real-time help, guidance, or support.

Another important feature of this modern call center layout is the height-adjustable desks. Ergonomic features have been proven to not only improve employee satisfaction but also customer service scores as well. When designing your office layout, putting employee comfort and well-being, and a sense of community first, has a direct effect on retention and customer service.

Maximize Performance with Limited Space

space saving curved modular work stations with clear partitions for modern call centers

With 74% of customer experience (CX) leaders reporting increases in call center volumes in 2020, productivity is more important than ever. Create private workspaces for your employees to reduce noise and distractions. These call center floor plan layouts create space dedicated to each employee without taking up more of your limited office space. The curved design of the desk increases the workspace for each team member. Smart office layouts can improve productivity by providing the right space for your call center agent.

Employees at the modern call center also reported higher job satisfaction and indicated that they intended to stay at the organization.

A study conducted by Haworth, an international workspace design firm, compared two very different call centers. One with a more traditional design (uniform cubicles, right angles, narrow walkways) and the other with a more contemporary design (curved desks, vibrant colors, customizable/ergonomic workstations, collaborative spaces). At both call centers, the agents completed surveys about work performance metrics.

Three out of four criteria ranked higher by agents in the modern call center: after-call work time, first call resolution and customer satisfaction. The only category that the traditional call center personnel performed better in was average handle time. In addition, the employees at the modern call center reported higher job satisfaction and indicated that they intended to stay at the organization.

Call Centers in a Post-COVID Office

modern call center layout with custom colored partitions that match brand image

Following government orders, many call centers shifted workers to a work-from-home model. A report from JD Power said that although this model seems to be holding up for now it is likely that isolation and lack of support in the work-from-home call center environment  “will take its toll on performance and agent attrition.” Other obstacles that are facing call centers using the work-from-home model are customer data security, privacy concerns, and new employee onboarding and training.

Introducing modern call center cubicles into your office can help welcome your employees back in safety. With the importance of community to agent performance, in-person work needs to be a rising priority. As a result, forward-thinking organizations must take action today to begin assessing how their employees are adapting to the work-from-home or hybrid working models. Begin structuring your office designs to accommodate a safe return to in-person work.

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