Post-COVID Return to Work

Work-from-Home Designs for the Post-COVID Office

work from home comfort in post-covid furniture

Work-from-home. A year and a half ago, that was what the majority of office workers were being asked to do. This shift was unexpected, but the workforce adapted quickly-creating work from home environments that were not always ideal but kept businesses running despite a global pandemic.

As we are entering into the post-COVID era, with many states opening back up, it is unclear what the office will look like. At this point, it is reported that only 28% of workers are back in the office. The employees that have returned are gratefully leaving behind many of the challenges of the work-from-home routine. But some of the comforts of home may be making their way into the office.

With the abundance of virtual meetings that took place, the need and desire for collaboration spaces are greater than ever.

The Comforts of the Work-From-Home Office

There is nothing like kicking your feet up when you return from work after a long day. During the pandemic shutdown, putting your feet up became part of the daily routine as living rooms became offices for many workers. In a typical office environment, whether your day consists of constant standing or you spend most of your time seated, your legs are most likely lacking elevation. Elevating your legs improves tiredness and soreness in your lower body.

Comfortable seating in many forms integrated into your office creates a more home-like environment. Lounge areas with ergonomic couches and footrests provide comfortable spaces for meetings and collaboration. Bring these work from home designs to the office with a modern flair.

work from home styled office furniture

Bringing the Kitchen Table to the post-COVID Workplace

Another common work from home solution was the kitchen table office. These workspaces provided teleworkers with ample space to spread out and really let creativity reign. Bring this work-from-home feature to the office with functional tables with elegant modern designs. The personal workspace and its effects on productivity are often overlooked, and these functional tables can help. Employees won’t waste time digging through stacks of papers. They can have the whole project in front of them.

As the gradual return to work continues, these more spacious tables can provide great opportunities for collaboration and teamwork. With the abundance of virtual meetings that took place, the need and desire for collaboration spaces are greater than ever. Let your team thrive together.

Post-COVID workspace

Making the Workplace Personal

While working from home over the last year and a half, employees had their own personal workspace. Adding flexibility and options and allowing for those personal touches are effective in increasing motivation and productivity. What better way to add a little piece of home to the workplace than to allow employees to customize their workspace?

The personal workspace and its effects on productivity are often overlooked.

Our wide range of modern office cubicles allows for each individual and office team to create a space that is ideal for their work environment.


Offices with flexible designs can adapt to a wide range of ways for employees to carry out their responsibilities. The concept of tying people to their workstations has no place in today’s workplace, especially as workers are returning from a time of increased flexibility. The bulk of office layouts are open, with room for movement and adaptation in the working space.

Having the ability to choose and create a working environment more like home, encourages employees to be more productive while also improving their well-being and morale. It will ease the transition back to the workplace and remove the frustrations and pressures that come with the office.

Creating these spaces for your teams can seem like a challenge, but at StrongProject we collaborate with you to make your office feel like home and a place where your employees want to be. 


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