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2014 Office Trend: DIY Spaces

modular-office-furniture_02-DONEAt StrongProject, we’re dedicated to co-creating impressive, one-of-a-kind spaces for our clients. With our collection of modular office furniture, we’re helping offices around the world optimize their spaces and give their employees the power to customize their workspaces to suit their specific workday needs.

Your team can reinvent their space every day and create DIY environments that they’ll want to work in. Your office space should be as unique as your company, inspire your team, and bring the workplace to life, and adding multifunctional, interchangeable modern office furniture to your office will do just that. Foster higher productivity, more creativity, and greater collaboration throughout the day by allowing your employees to create their own DIY spaces in the office.

Every employee works differently.

Not everyone works at the same pace or in the same way. Some employees get more accomplished surrounded by others, while some people work more efficiently by themselves. No matter what work style suits them to complete projects and milestones, your employees can move around mobile work stations to work collaboratively or create their own individual space for focus and privacy.

modular-office-furniture_06-DONEYour team members may enjoy accomplishing different types of projects or work at different times of the day, too. While some employees have conference calls or team meetings in the morning, others are working by themselves to finish personal tasks and individual work. Modular furniture can be moved from place to place in seconds, allowing your team more time to focus on what matters.

Different projects require different furniture options.

Our modular office furniture is available in a variety of colors, fabrics, styles, and functions. While individual projects may be accomplished more easily at desk pods and private cubicles, group projects may be better executed at workstations equipped with IT capabilities, plentiful table space, and interchangeable multimedia solutions.

DIY spaces allow your employees to feel like their office is their own. By providing your team with multiple options to complete projects, brainstorm together, or take time for themselves, our modular furniture is revolutionizing the modern workday. With countless fabrics, sizes, finishes, and styles available for your office, our contemporary modular office furniture is completely customizable for offices of any size and personality. Give your employees the freedom of choice in 2014 and you’ll reap the rewards: a more productive team, a more inspired workforce, and a more creative office that will impress your guests and visitors, keep your employees engaged, and skyrocket your company’s success.

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