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What Does Your Office Desk Say About You?

What does your current office desk setup say about your personality? Find out in this blog post from StrongProject.

We all operate on impressions of people in the workplace, and that extends beyond our physical appearances or impeccable wardrobes. Our office space can reveal just as much about our personalities as the shine on our shoes or the cut of our suit jackets. Your modern office desk or modern workstation tells others a lot about you, so make sure it’s sending the right message.

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Modern Storage Solutions and Tydiness

An organized office desk speaks of a conscientious worker. Time is valuable and you don’t want to spend it looking for misplaced reports or wherever your pen migrated. Your conscientiousness also extends to your office mates, who may appreciate your neatness and the aesthetic it brings to the entire office.

Your tidiness says you’re dependable, that you can get the job done, and you recognize the importance of your coworkers, which makes you a team player. You work well with others and can help keep team projects on schedule. Take care, however, not to seem judgmental of others who are perhaps less organized and tidy than you are. It doesn’t mean they care any less than you do. Strong Project modern storage solutions are the perfect solution to staying organized and tidy.

A neat and tidy desk is a sign of someone who thinks three steps ahead. Learn more at StrongProject's blog.



Knick-Knack Zone

Knick-knacks can help a busy mind stay focused and can be a fidgeter’s paradise. Clutter isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and it can speak to a level of creativity that’s prized in your workplace. You’re likely an extrovert who appreciates a good conversation starter, inviting people into your space to share with them a story or an idea that could do well for your company’s bottom line.

You’d do well, however, to keep it neat, and maintain a balance. Unless you work for a toy company, people might question your level of responsibility if you own more toys than a kindergartener. It’s one thing to collect a shelf of figurines, but another thing entirely if a toy army is invading your desk. Our modern and modular furniture incorporates storage and functionality into on workspace.

A modern office desk utilizes smart tech and storage so you can display what matters most. Learn more at StrongProject.

Motivation Station

If inspiration strikes you in the form of pretty pictures containing go get ‘em quotes as their captions, then by all means, place motivational images in a place where you’ll see them each day. You never know what can inspire others, and if the view from the top of a mountain makes you strive for that extra effort, your bosses will be happy to give you the wall space. Attempting to rally your team members in such a way makes you an extrovert and a positive force in the office.

There is, however, a balance to be struck here to avoid your team members feeling as though you judge their work and their efforts as inadequate. Motivation is a personal thing, and we’re all moved in different ways. What works for one may not work for all, so the pithy quote above a beautiful sunrise should be kept in perspective.

A contemporary office desk doesn't need a lot of bells and whistles if it's the perfect fit for your personality.

Planting Roots

Greenery can revitalize and freshen up an office, and if your desk is the greenhouse, it says a lot about you. Plants add beauty and speak of a commitment you have not only to your place in the company but to the workplace itself. You’re dependable and share that reliability with others. It also says you’re an active soul who likes a challenge.

Plants are lovely, but they can also encroach if not maintained properly. They are also a commitment. If you can’t keep it alive, you don’t want a dead plant conveying to your coworkers your dependability has a shelf life, too.

A powerful, modern office desk that's a little messy shows that you're a bold creative and visionary thinker.

Mess Allowed

Thinking outside the box is a state of mind that spills over into your physical reality. The clutter on your desk says you’re an open sort likely to have a more creative brain. Nothing gets the juices flowing like a good brainstorming session to take the company in a new and exciting direction. Perhaps you’re too busy to have time to clean, or maybe you just aren’t bothered by a little mess. It’s a good idea to remember you’re not the only one in the office. Controlled chaos is one thing, but the downright mess is an imposition on others. This can prevent you from doing your job. Stay somewhat tidy and keep those ideas coming. Your coworkers likely won’t mind the piles of files or the stacks of papers.

Your desk is your small kingdom. Given how much time you spend there, you’ll want it to reflect your personality as much as possible. After all, an office desk with no personality can signal to the higher-ups that you’re not invested in the company. It might seem like you’re looking to move on. You’ll want to leave your stamp on your space, so make sure you’re sending the message you want to send.


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