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How to Optimize Your New Adjustable Height Desk for Productivity

StrongProject offers adjustable height desk options for the modern workplace.

So Human Resources finally purchased adjustable height desks for your office. Your colleagues throw a celebration. Someone brings in cupcakes. You spend an entire work day flipping this button or that lever and moving it up and down, eyes wide in awe and wonder. You position the height jussssst right for your new command center of productivity.

But when the thrill is gone and there’s actual work to be done, follow these tips to ensure your adjustable height desk is optimized and used to its fullest potential in your workplace.

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Stand on a schedule.

Many employees who are new to adjustable height desks will often embrace the novelty of the desk for just a few days, then return to their usual sitting position every day going forward. To build the habit of standing at an adjustable height desk, it is recommended you condition your body for short periods of time. Try standing for 20 minutes, then break for a 60-90 minutes. Then another 20 minutes of standing. Eventually, you can build up to the point of standing for a long, comfortable session. This lends well to overall ergonomics in your office space. Not only is this better for your physical health, it also helps circulate blood flow, allowing fresh oxygen to enter the brain which stimulates new ideas.

StrongProject helps commercial offices outfit their work spaces with the latest office trends in furniture and design for an office that will grow with them.

Go wireless as much as possible.

If you are frequently lowering or adjusting your desk throughout the day, you run the risk of getting wires tangled up behind or below your work space. Free up room and create a clean aesthetic by going wireless as much as possible with your office technology. Start with a wireless mouse and keyboard. Add a touch lamp that’s battery or solar-powered. Ask your IT department for VoIP phone options as well as flexible videoconferencing options that can be connected via Bluetooth.

Make sure your standing height desk works for you with smart acoustic panels to soften noise and reduce distractions. StrongProject - modern commercial office furniture design

Use smart acoustic panels to soften noise.

While sitting in a cubicle or modular workstation, you may be able to keep noise to a minimum and lessen distraction. But when you acquire an adjustable height desk, make sure your work space has proper “walls” that meet the new height so you can work comfortably. Installing light yet smartly-designed acoustic wall panels ensure that you can take calls, brainstorm aloud, conference in to other meetings, and complete your tasks without others looking at you or enduring loud office noises echoing across a room.


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