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Make Your Office Walls Work For You

For ultimate productivity in modern office design, try an idea wall

There’s an expression, “Throw ideas at the wall and see what sticks.” Some companies, in their effort to encourage, inspire, and engage their most creative minds, are taking this literally, with the addition to their offices of a digitally interactive idea wall.

The idea is simple

In the past, one person would stand at a whiteboard with a marker while their team offered ideas in a collaborative brainstorming session, for the writer at the board to record for all to see.

But what happens when the ideas are flowing so fast, the person with the marker can’t keep up? Or can’t draw a graphic to fully express the possibilities being shared? Or people talk over each other and something gets missed in the excitement? What about if the whiteboard doesn’t have enough room for all the innovation crackling to life? And at the end of the meeting, how do they translate the information on the board to a medium where everyone can access it from their computers to begin execution?

This is where an interactive digital wall can save your creators from losing the thread of inspiration. Take the same scenario, but with an interactive wall installed. The person with the pen falls behind while trying to write everything down, so someone gets up from the table, grabs another pen, and fills in the gaps on the other side of the wall. Then, the resident artist grabs their sketchbook and the interactive wall’s specialized pen and begins sketching, bringing to life the images the team is speaking of. Not only does the drawing come to life on the paper, it also appears on the wall as it comes into being. But someone’s handwriting, in the excitement, is difficult to read, so instead, they pick up a tablet and the writing converts to typewritten text.

The interactive wall has made seamless a process that would have otherwise forced the team to slow down, stifling their creativity and dragging the process out for longer than necessary.

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Extraordinary benefits

With room for up to 7 collaborators at a time, the digitally interactive wall can handle a rapid-fire brainstorming session with ease, and a room full of people all have a vantage point to see what’s being created.

The interactive wall is compatible with a multitude of media:

  • Specialized pens to recreate what’s being written on paper to the wall’s surface
  • Digital connectivity to devices such as smartphones, tablets, and computers
  • Projection capabilities so presentations can be displayed
  • The ability to save, email, or otherwise network other office workstations so the results of a meeting can be shared

The end result is only limited by what your creative minds can conjure, and with the means and method to communicate in a variety of ways, an interactive digital wall doesn’t slow your team down.

It’s not just for business purposes

When not in use, an interactive digital wall can be used to display company branding, which has been proven to help raise the loyalty of your employees, who will better advocate for your brand. You can showcase your company’s products for visiting customers. Or you can use it to project decorative features to contribute to a well-designed office space. Universities use them for displaying recruitment materials, to showcase cutting edge innovation of their brightest students, or inform students of upcoming university events. At trade shows and expositions, companies find them useful in interacting with convention goers to bring new products to the market.

The enhancements brought by the inclusion of a digital wall are numerous. Communicating with ones employees and target audience is critical for the success of any business, and the interactive digital wall has the potential to be the most effective, lightning fast, and groundbreaking means of sharing information we’ve seen in a long time. It can change the way we do business, and far more effectively than one idea at a time.


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