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Reimagining the Return to Work in Vibrant Color

Workers at orange privacy cubicle

“Color does not add a pleasant quality to design—it reinforces it.” – Pierre Bonnard

For the next five minutes, let’s turn our attention to the future. It’s a new world where we’ve made appropriate adaptations for everyone’s comfort and safety. The pandemic is over and we’re finally returning to the office. 

In addition to privacy screens, sneeze protectors, and desk dividers, what do you want to see? Close your eyes… is your vision in color? It should be. It can be. 

In fact, we see your office design as being more vibrant than ever before while also becoming safer for everyone in the workplace. 

Distancing with Style and Color

As we transition back to the office, a top priority for businesses will be to provide social distancing barriers and furniture solutions that make their staff feel comfortable coming back to work. However, that doesn’t mean those solutions have to be dull, because if ever there were a time to be vibrant, NOW is it.

Social Distancing Office Solutions

Privacy Cubicles

This private office cubicle solution is 72-inches tall and the acrylic components come in clear, frosted, light blue, orange, and red. Choose the color that fits your brand’s story and decor.

Woman standing at white privacy cubicle

When standing at the sit-to-stand desk, there is safe shielding if someone were to cough or sneeze and the workstation components are made of easily cleanable materials such as laminate, acrylic, and marker board.

The optional interior fabric tack panels are bleach-cleanable and if you’d rather have 100% marker board for your interior panels, you have that option instead. In this image, it is displayed in a 6’ x 8’ footprint.

Other features include:

  • Custom sizing – We can size these workstations to fit within your space.
  • Free space plan – We’ll do a free test-fit to show you how these workstations will fit in your space.
  • Numerous finish options – Choose from solid colors, textured and rustic woodgrain laminates, and acrylic components.
  • Ergonomic monitor arms 
  • Power/USB desktop chargers

Cubicle Privacy Screens

Cubicle privacy screens can help minimize the spread of germs and keep employees healthy at your organization.

Our wide assortment of freestanding cubicle privacy screens are available in various sizes and configurations allowing us to help you customize the perfect social distancing solution to work optimally with your existing workstations. Perk up your current office furniture by choosing from our clear and frosted acrylic color screen options.

Features include:

  • Easy cleaning – Cleanable non-porous materials 
  • Flexibility – Easily movable for reconfiguring and multi-use
  • Numerous sizes – Ranging from 24” W – 96” W and 48” H – 78” H.
  • Numerous screen configurations – Stationary or mobile, stand-alone or connected, linear screen runs, or retractable “accordion-style” runs

Color privacy screen

Curved Workstations with Privacy Screens 

Take on social distancing with modern style and pleasing colors. This modern curved workstation “privacy design” is 66-inches tall for safety and privacy and is the ideal workstation for chic productive distancing in the workplace. It incorporates the same features as our privacy cubicles and screens and includes the option to customize its color.

Color curved privacy workstation

Employees want to know they have a secure place to work in—that much is for certain. At StrongProject, we feel just as confident they will want to return to a place that feels welcoming and attractive. Color goes a long way in achieving that harmony. Visit our website and see all the beautiful and safe furniture solutions we have to offer.


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