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Adjustable Height Desks Aren’t Just For Startup Geeks

The adjustable height desk is no longer a myth found only in a Silicon Valley department or a trendy  little startup. What used to be a complicated or “hacked” piece of office furniture–often involving hand-built boxes, clunky wired frames, or even stacked books–is now a staple for every modern office that prioritizes comfort and ergonomics.

Adjustable height desks, also known as “standing desks,” are a great investment for your team. Not only will they feel more comfortable, they’ll enjoy long-term health benefits and counteract the dismal statistics that now show that sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day is the equivalent of smoking.

With many options to choose from, how do you start shopping for adjustable height desks? We have tips to leverage your resources to fit your workplace needs.


Keep space and square footage in mind.

Look at how much space is currently required for each employee to ensure you can provide them with the same amount if you replace their current desk setup with an adjustable height workstation. Many modular furniture layouts can accommodate multiple standing desks in one area while hiding cables and integrating data and technology for a seamless look.


Remember to purchase storage and filing options.

Many modular office workstations will offer filing and storage options with their desk products to ensure a clean design and aesthetic. It’s important to not buy adjustable height desks “piecemeal” for each employee…but you can consider different storage and filing needs for each department and customize the layouts accordingly.


Don’t forget the keyboard trays and screen mounts.

These add comfort and customization to each employee’s workstation, allowing him or her to achieve maximum productivity. These trays and mounts can also be adjusted through the day whether the employee is sitting or standing. Did you know you can also choose left-handed or right-handed L-shaped adjustable height desks? Think ahead and get an assessment from employees before purchasing in bulk. Your company will thank you.

Adjustable Height Desk Luxury office

Yes, your adjustable height desk can make a statement.

In a good way, of course. The modern office furniture industry is looking toward customizing the experience of standing and sitting at work for every type of office: large, open-office layouts, managerial private offices, small creative departments and yes…executive, C-suite offices that desire a touch of luxury. You don’t have to settle for steel and cable when there are beautiful, sleek designs available.

A proper desk is one of the best investments you can make for your employees, and investing in an adjustable height solution offers them ergonomics, movement, and renewed energy throughout the day. For more standing desk options, check out our Adjust Height Desk Collection.


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